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The dentists Dr. Bucuta and Chandra-Bucuta welcome you

More than just a dental visit

We would like to make your visit to our family practice a feel-good experience. Together with our team, we welcome you to our modern and comfy practice rooms in Balanstraße (in Giesing - intersection with the Mittlere Ring) - and invite you to take a seat. Relax in our waiting room in cinematic atmosphere and let yourself be carried away to other worlds while watching a film. And you've already forgotten where you are...

With our laid back atmosphere, we aimed particularly anguish patients and children, but of course also at the entire family. You are not only a patient, but also a guest. In  fun and playful way, we want to show you a new side of dental health that is exciting. Your possible (dentist) fears are not taboo for us - on the contrary: It is important for us to take time with you and to discuss existing concerns openly.

In our bright and friendly treatment rooms, we counsel you with our passionate Idea in many years of experience in dental health and talk to you about your worry and alternate treatment methods, which we put together for you personally and cost-transparent. In doing so, we pay attention to the best quality. This includes long-term tooth preservation with professional tooth cleaning, dental fillings, root canal treatments and periodontology as well as implantology.

Looking for an implant specialist in Giesing | Munich?

Implantology is the most modern and advanced method of tooth replacement. This also means that we make the treatment as pleasant as possible for you. We offer a procedure for this – without using a scalpel. Aplicating a three-dimensional X-ray image, we can precisely plan the position of the implant with the computer. In this way, we protect the surrounding tissue, reduce swelling and pain to a minimum and ensure that you can continue to bite into a crunchy apple with joy in the future. To do this, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and to visit us regularly for check-ups.

The best outcome of our feel-good medicine is that you can set a good example for your children. Parents are an important role model when it comes to caring for young teeth and keeping them healthy. As an experienced family dentist, we would like to work with you to make your offspring's visit a relaxing experience that has a positive effect on long-term dental health. It is important to build trust with your child and treating them with care and sensitivity.

See you soon in Person!

Dr. Stefan Bucuta & Susan Chandra-Bucuta
Dentists in Balanstraße


Your well-being is our utmost interest. Our professional and qualified staff will make sure you have full access to the right care so you go into treatments of your choice, with confidence.

We are specialized in recreating and redesign your smile into something that look natural and pleasing by your request combine with research based and expertise knowledge from our dentist without avoiding your functional aspect so it can blend in your daily life.


Implant Dentistry is the most modern and advanced method of tooth replacement, regardless of whether one or more teeth are missing.